About us

A New Kind of Fabric Platform
Who We Are

Frontier is a first of its kind digital fabric platform, utilizing AI to build the world’s most powerful textile and fabric image exchange for the apparel and fashion industries. In the past decade, other industries were increasingly implementing automation and machine learning to improve efficiency in their workflows. During that same period, we noticed that the fabric supply chain was woefully behind in utilizing these technologies to improve production, service, communication, marketing, and more. Seizing the opportunity to bring similar innovations to stakeholders across the full spectrum of the fabric supply chain, Frontier was born.

As a textile collaboration platform, Frontier offers apparel brands a hub from which to engage with current and prospective suppliers to manage digital fabric sourcing and reduce go-to-market times. Suppliers – fabric mills and garment factories – use Frontier to build their virtual fabric libraries and economize sampling, shipping, and other production-related costs.

Our Vision
Frontier’s vision is to be a crucial part of the textile and apparel industry infrastructure for years to come. We create, sustain, and innovate long-term, sustainable value creation opportunities that can be leveraged by fabric manufacturers, designers, and brands to drive their industries forward.

Like-minded companies will quickly realize the opportunities to increase efficiency by employing the easily adaptable applications offered by Frontier. We are working to correct and improve decades-old inefficiencies in communication, business development, design, production, shipping, and inventory management, and we invite all companies in this space to join us.
Once you experience the centralized efficiency of Frontier,
you’ll understand that this is the future of fabric selection.
Our Team
The team at Frontier boasts decades of textile and engineering experience, with skills honed in textile manufacturing, garment design, retail, and machine learning engineering. We share a problem-solving spirit that keeps us inspired to build solutions when we identify inefficiencies and problems. By leveraging our diverse personalities and deep industry experience, we’ve been fortunate to bring to market much needed technological advances that benefit ecosystem stakeholders from production to supply chain to garment design. With spirit as a core attribute and driving motivation, the team at Frontier is always thinking about building the next innovation in fabric and garment design.
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