New Design Synergy with Virtuality.Fashion


In recent years the textile and fashion industries have made tremendous progress in digitizing traditional design practices, driven by a blend of evolving legacy companies and new digital service providers entering the market. With each newly digitized process or service, mills and designers experience incremental savings of time and money, while also benefiting from improved communication and reduced time to market. As one of these new digital service providers, Frontier is excited to announce the beginnings of an advanced level of digital synergy with 3D virtual prototyping solution provider Virtuality.Fashion. 

Virtuality.Fashion - a cloud-based platform that unites in-house teams, global departments, and external partners - engages creative users through the power of 3D visual collaboration technology, from first inspiration to product validation. This forthcoming partnership with Frontier extends the creative possibilities of the platform by significantly increasing the fabric choices designers can use in the garment prototyping process.

With Frontier, fabric mills create a cloud-based digital inventory where designers can search fabric with just a few clicks. Now, designers who use the 3D design tools at Virtuality.Fashion can directly import the digital swatches they find on Frontier for their virtual fashion prototyping.  This rare breed of partnership has the power to cut development time in half and slash sample costs with no upfront hardware investments or additional 3D design software.