Pushing Performance via Digital Sourcing and Virtual Design

Here’s an easy and cost-efficient way to boost your brand's performance. 

As the world faces an unprecedented health crisis and global economic shock, the apparel and fashion industry have been experiencing many challenges to meet the demands of consumers around the world. The answer to these challenges : digital sourcing and virtual design.

Given this dilemma, brands have to act quickly to cater to their consumers' demands by shifting from traditional to digital sourcing of materials, and creating virtual designs for clients. 

In just a few clicks, you can easily find the fabric of your choice and bring your design to life. Gone are the days of creating physical samples, because now you can do it virtually. In fact, there's already a digital platform for this. It allows you to do more with less and at the same time, monitor and generate your sales accurately—this is definitely the answer to any fashion brand’s needs.

How can you push your performance with Frontier? 


Finding the right manufacturing industry for your brand can be tedious and time consuming. It would usually take months or even years to find a reliable and trustworthy partner for your brand. And not to mention, with the current health crisis, travelling and physically sourcing for materials are definitely not your safest options, for now.This is why digital sourcing and virtual design is now part of the new normal in the fashion and apparel industry. 

Brands working with Frontier are able to bring their designs to life faster because the platform does the searching for you. It helps you find the right materials and suppliers for your brand. You can create your digital assets at the tip of your fingers. 

For starters, you get to choose your fabric, and design your products digitally. Once you’re done, you can render them in a 3D software and connect with all your suppliers, browse full catalogs, and plan seasonal lines. In just a few clicks, you are able to connect your physical materials with virtual ideas. 

You can also search by supplier, image, keyword and even do a GSM search. It’s that easy! One more thing to keep your minds at ease, manufacturers that work with Frontier are carefully selected by the platform to ensure that our buyers get the right products they are looking for. 


We have to agree that the process of manually buying products for your design is quite complex and excruciating. In fact, sending a follow-up on your order can get really stressful due to miscommunication between the buyer, supplier and agent.

Somehow, apparel supply chains are still operating with outdated communication channels where important files such as measurement charts, amount and even the quantity of orders are stored in emails, spreadsheets, phone calls, etc. which are vulnerable to committing errors and mix ups. 

Given that time is very critical in the apparel and fashion industry, there's definitely no room for errors or mistakes. These may cause further delays on the production and shipment of products which can create additional costs, and eventually lead to mass order cancellations. 

Luckily, you can’t encounter these problems when sourcing for your materials digitally. Frontier’s digital platform is carefully structured to give buyers a convenient and hassle-free experience.  All it takes is one digital platform for digital sourcing and virtual design. In fact, brands that utilizes digital sourcing on Frontier ship products an average of five weeks only.


Digital sourcing and virtual design not only allows you to do more with less, but also do more when it comes to your sales. As the world faces a health crisis, many businesses and industries have been drastically affected. 

With this, they are pushed to adapt to these changes and shift to doing business online as physical transactions are no longer allowed. Same goes for the apparel and fashion industry, where they have to handle their transactions virtually to meet their consumer's demands. Fashion brands have also faced massive cancellations on local and international bookings, and postponement of upcoming fabric trade shows; paving way to the growing demand for virtual trade shows.

LOOK:  During the Paris Fashion Week, London-based fashion designer Steven Tai created a virtual lookbook to present his showroom samples to reach 50% of his buyers in lockdown. As a result of this, half of the orders placed were generated from the virtual logbook alone. 

This is just an example of how going digital has become an important sales channel for the apparel and fashion industry. Not only that, it has also helped in the development of an even better, faster and cheaper cost structure that makes it more efficient to brands and suppliers. 

Studies suggest that companies that have already utilized their digital channels before the health crisis, outperformed competitors that have not established their digital capabilities.


Frontier centralizes your fabric selection and sample request communication. Team members can collaborate on decision making and share notes on fabrics. Suppliers can respond to swatch requests and questions faster than ever.

Brands on Frontier are able to create productive collaborations apart. The digital platform allows our buyers to select fabric and plan collections in real-time, with team members involved to reduce the cost and time associated with traditional fabric shipping processes and release new products in a fraction of the time.


Suppliers that work with Frontier are also amplifying their presence online, while they are automatically connected to the right brands. 

Frontier's platform provides them with a modern online presence where they can provide comprehensive information about their factory. This helps them to decrease customer acquisition costs and increase the quality of incoming leads.


Frontier uses one centralized platform where buyers can handle their collections, digital storage, search, open projects and communication with no storage limits, hidden fees or add-ons. Once you’re set up on Frontier, there are no limitations to slow you down.


The health crisis has been a lifeline for the apparel and fashion industry, and studies suggest that it will remain critical during and after the recovery period. With this, brands should be adaptable to these changes in order to connect and meet the demands of consumers. 

The digital platform of Frontier is geared to help fashion brands and suppliers to push their performance via digital sourcing and virtual design. 

If you want to learn more about Frontier, you can schedule a demo with us. Feel free to drop us a message to learn more about the system.