Six Ways Digital Fabric Management Supports Supply Chain Management


Too often when a new technology arrives, the scope of its potential impact is defined by what the other technologies and systems in place in the industry are capable of. In the textile and fashion industries, where 3D design, improved CRM, and other tech innovations are moving the needle on individual aspects of design, manufacturing, and delivery, supply chain management remains an area where software companies have stayed away from due to its complexity and diversity. But with the Frontier digital fabric management platform, many internal processes can be improved, streamlining supply chain management.

The value of virtual product development, supply chain data, and fluid communication are supercharged when they can all be managed on one central platform for easier review and collaboration. Let’s take a look at many of the ways that utilizing Frontier supports a smarter, smoother supply chain experience.

  1. Fabric Sourcing - The comibned digitized libraries of your current suppliers form vast databases that can be browsed as if you are standing inside their virtual warehouse. Tens of thousands of swatches are now at designers’ fingertips - on the desktop or mobile.

  2. Clean Collaboration - Internal product communication should take place on the same platform where you’re designing your products. Reduce admin, stop using Excel sheets, and group teams for slick communications to keep everyone in the loop and keep projects moving.

  3. 3D Design-Friendly - Frontier fabric swatches can be imported to your 3D design software for true digital prototyping across your suite of tools.

  4. Mobile Access - Response times improve tremendously with whole teams connected on their mobile devices.

  5. Supply Chain Scorecard - Quickly check which suppliers are offering which items, who has the best communication, and where factory consolidation and optimization are accelerating.

  6. Internal Fabric Management - If you’re working with mills that still don’t have a digitized fabric management system, now is the time to suggest that they make everyone’s life easier by creating a library on Frontier. Digital fabric libraries are evergreen resources that make designing and sourcing many times cheaper and easier than with the hassles of traditional travel, shipping, and communication.

Now that you know what you’re missing out on, why not set up a free trial of Frontier today? Click here to get set up in just a few minutes and start simplifying your supply chain management.