Partners With Made2Flow to Empower the Global Supply Chain

Taipei, Taiwan/Berlin, Germany | May 26, 2022 —, the global leading first-of-its-kind SaaS platform that facilitates the rapid digitization and generation of 3D and 4D-ready fabrics for brands, retailers, designers, and suppliers, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Made2Flow, the world-renowned provider of validated environmental impact measurement solutions for the fashion industry.

It is well documented that the fashion and textile industries are under the microscope as they are responsible for approximately 10% of all global carbon emissions. Brands, in particular, are struggling to meet their sustainability goals due to the lack of readily available, scientifically-backed data from across the supply chain.

Thanks to the innovative technology behind this unique partnership, we can now deliver, along with digitized 3D and 4D-ready materials, material-level impact measurements such as personalized Co2 emissions, water consumption, and even land use — including benchmarks — at scale and in a trustworthy manner.

Finally, fashion brands and suppliers will be able to easily understand the environmental impact of their fabrics and navigate to a lower impact model.

“We are very excited about partnering up with This collaboration is a huge step towards solving tier-2 environmental data gaps in the industry in a seamless and validated manner.”

Tal Shogol, Made2Flow’s CEO

“Our partnership made sense for two reasons; firstly, Made2flow has a science-based measurement model that can process and present environmental impact data. Secondly, provides the data stream across the supply chain at the material level to enable measurement outputs.  Ultimately we want to help brands and their production partners to set and meet their science-based targets for carbon emissions.”

Wayne Fan,’s CSO

About is a cloud-based rapid textile digitization platform.'s infinitely scalable technology includes integrated collaboration tools, a digital fabric database, and artificial intelligence and machine learning to constantly improve reliability. Substituting traditional fabric samples with digital equivalents is the smartest answer to help reduce our carbon footprint impact, eliminate waste, and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.


About Made2Flow

Made2Flow specializes in data gathering and analysis of environmental data in the fashion industry and has developed multiple solutions to facilitate data gathering, data validation, and analysis to ensure an easy and seamless process. Made2Flow empowers brands to develop sustainable supply chains, produce products with lower environmental impact, and reach their science-based targets.