Frontier |PI Apparel Spotlight - Big Data Analytics

Fashion on-demand production has always been a difficulty yet highly sought-after model with less inventory, less process time, and more efficiency. Design and production in fashion are typically a long and cumbersome process, sometimes requiring nearly a year to plan and move products to market. However, with the help of digital design software, automation and AR/VR technology, and data analytic engines, there is a massive potential for fashion companies to reach out the on-demand production model. While the apparel-manufacturing automation process may still be subscale, technologies being developed show its massive potential. Start-ups are at the vanguard of this, but some mainstream players are also stepping up and delivering. To create a digital flow in the on-demand apparel production is key in its process and digital material assets itself, is the fashion industry’s most in-demand resources.


In this talk we aim to determine how material data can be generated, analyzed, and expanded to more complex data for the loop of AI integration. And how brands and retailers can employ this data for their future on-demand production cycle. Click to see Frontier's speak on PI Apparel Spotlight :

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