Hosting Virtual Trade Shows With Frontier

Due to the global health crisis, there have been massive cancellations on local and international bookings, as well as the postponement of upcoming fabric trade shows.

While some businesses in other countries are starting to slowly open up, the majority is still waiting for the economy to resume its usual state. But since there’s no guarantee when this crisis will end, companies are starting to look for alternatives that can keep their employees and customers safe while ensuring the business remains operational.

The Growing Demand for Virtual Trade Shows


Travel bans, restrictions on face-to-face meetings, and limitations on mass gatherings have put a halt to traditional methods of conducting textile trade shows. The global pandemic has affected how people conduct business, which is why alternative methods are being explored to cope up with the situation.

Virtual trade shows provide a way for garment manufacturers to present new textiles and for fashion designers to select from the available designs. Since everything is done online, there’s no need for person-to-person contact, so health risks are completely eliminated.

Major brands like Nike, Burton, Nordstrom, and Kohl’s are already taking part in virtual trade fairs, looking for future suppliers of their products.

The global health emergency is driving the demand for online B2B solutions. Many fashion conventions around the world have been canceled, with organizers looking for options to migrate into digital platforms. However, the fashion industry needs more than just a communication platform to close the gap between designers and suppliers.

The Problem with Virtual Trade Fairs

Despite the effort to connect suppliers and designers, there are still aspects that can’t be replaced by a virtual connection. For instance, it’s hard to find a substitute for the personal interaction between suppliers and clients, as well as the physical activity of touching textile samples.


Fashion designers have to feel the textile to determine its quality and come up with ways to use it. The problem with virtual trade shows is that they can only give visuals on what the fabric looks like. Current technology is still far from letting remote users feel the actual texture of the textile through online transmission.

Without a way to hold and feel the fabric, fashion designers are limited to visualizing possible creations from the piece of cloth they see on screen.

Another problem with virtual trade exhibits is the limited time that the products are showcased online. In case a designer or a supplier fails to attend the event, they have to wait for the next virtual convention to find or sell merchandise.

These problematic areas are the things that Frontier solves as a virtual trade show software platform.

Frontier as a Virtual Trade Show Software

Frontier is a cloud-based virtual trade show software that connects fashion designers with textile manufacturers around the world. The platform aims to mimic and improve upon traditional textile trade shows by incorporating digital capabilities and AI-powered features.

Here are the reasons why Frontier is the preferred virtual fashion exchange platform by suppliers and designers around the world:

·         3D sampling feature

In traditional fabric trade shows, it’s easier to visualize finished products just by feeling the texture of the textile. But with the current situation, fabric sampling has become more costly and time-consuming to do.

Suppliers need to produce several swatches to send to potential clients. However, this practice can lead to tons of wastage, especially when clients choose not to proceed with the purchase.

On the other end, designers have to wait for days or weeks just to get the sample to their table. The logistical restrictions the world is experiencing right now don’t help the case and can result in further delays in exchanging fabric samples and feedbacks for adjustments.

Frontier aims to simplify the fabric development process by inserting 3D sampling technology into the system.

Frontier’s digital swatches can be readily used in 3D development software, specifically Virtuality.Fashion, to create realistic design prototypes. This is the next best thing to touching and feeling the textile which is nearly impossible to do with today’s situation.

3D sketches are faster to create compared to waiting for fabric samples. They’re the practical, convenient, and cost-effective solution to realizing design ideas that can immediately replace traditional sampling procedures.

·         Intelligent search function

During virtual trade shows, the job of a fashion designer is to browse through hundreds and thousands of fabric swatches offered by participating suppliers. On the other hand, the task of garment manufacturer is to gain the attention of designers and sell as many products as possible.

But with the limited time allotted on digital trade fairs, it seems impossible to tap into the vast number of participants present. Finding the needed product is like looking for a needle in a haystack

Frontier solves this problem by making it easier for designers to search for suppliers using specific fabric criteria. The platform’s AI-powered search algorithm can find textile designs with similar patterns, giving plentiful options and alternatives to designers.

The prowess of Frontier’s searching capability clearly beats the traditional means of looking for the right textile to fit a design. Instead of browsing through each supplier to look for certain fabric elements, Frontier automatically presents design recommendations with similar looks, colors, or patterns like the one being viewed. This ultimately saves time for both suppliers and fashion designers, since the platform considerably cuts down the search time for either party to get in touch with each other.

·         Convenient access

Virtual trade fairs are often opened for a limited period, so suppliers and designers have to make time for them. These digital conventions usually run for days, but with limited manpower, not everyone can attend the whole length of the event. This means the possibility that participants will miss chances to get a bargain or obtain a unique piece of fabric is high.

Once virtual fashion conventions are over, suppliers won’t be able to display their products to interested clients. The restricted timeframe for deciding whether to purchase large quantities of fabric or to look for other suppliers that can offer lower prices can be too demanding. There’s little time to network or negotiate and build a long-term business relationship with the event participants.

Frontier resolves the issue by providing a platform that can be permanently accessed as needed. The platform offers 24/7 visibility to registered users, so they can look at what the available suppliers offer. Registered suppliers can always be found on the platform and orders can be placed with them anytime.

With Frontier as a virtual trade show software, it’s easier to connect with thousands of exhibitors from both major and small-scale apparel manufacturers from around the world. The platform can also be accessed on desktops, laptops, or smartphones by visiting the website or installing the mobile app. There are no time limits, tiered access, or preferential treatment that can decrease the odds of getting the best deals out there.


Virtual trade shows will be part of the new norm as the world copes up with the health crisis everyone is experiencing. Moreover, the move toward the digitalization of traditional manufacturing and sampling processes in the fashion industry has resulted in the massive shift into online communication platforms designed to maintain the interaction between garment suppliers and fashion designers.

Frontier is at the forefront of promoting virtual trade fairs and taking things to another level by providing a collaboration platform with unique features specifically made for those in the fashion business.

Whether you’re a textile manufacturer looking to expose your products to clients worldwide or you’re a fashion designer looking for reliable suppliers that can give you the necessary fabric materials, Frontier can be the bridge that will connect you to your target market.

Register on our platform today and get in touch with the clients you need for your business. You can also request a free demo to understand why Frontier is the best virtual trade show software to use.