PI Apparel NYC 2022 Panel Discussion: Can’t We All Get Along? Getting Your Software to Sing in Sync

During the two-day PI Apparel NYC event, innovative minds from fashion, apparel, and footwear came together to discuss
the challenges andtechnologies disrupting the industry and the strategies for advancing digital product creation. 

Panels of experts debated such topics as digitization, scaling, sustainability, and innovation. There was a lot to talk about!

Christian L Harris, Senior Technical Designer for 3D Global Development at Nike, chaired the lively panel discussion on day one,

which focussed on exploring interoperability between software, and which solutions are available to connect the fashion ecosystem. 

Frontier.cool's CSO, Wayne Fan, was invited to contribute to the panel along with Dwayn Catto, Head of Digital Innovation at PVH 
Americas, and Michelle Greenhouse, Chair of 3DRC.

When asked to describe some benefits and added wins for complete and connected data from the true source to the consumer, Wayne

commented that standardization is necessary to harvest the correct information and ultimately leverage that data to complete specific tasks.

 "I feel like the important components are around standardization and transparency. Then it's accessibility, so the rest of the f
our hundred eighty people from a company can use that resource and contribute and use the data.''

If you didn't manage to catch the panel at PI, or if you would like to see it again, please find the full recording below.