【Press Release】SO REAL and FRONTIER Partner to Expand 3D Scanning Services for Fashion and Textiles Industry

SO REAL and FRONTIER are joining forces to establish a long-term partnership with a unique offering for the fashion industry


SO REAL, a Swiss company specialising in automating the creation of 3D assets and digital twins, has partnered with Frontier.cool, a Taiwanese company that has built an AI-driven digital materials platform. Both companies will leverage their solutions to provide high fidelity 3D services for the fashion industry.

SO REAL will use FRONTIER's technology in the production of textures for the digital twins, created and sold by SO REAL. FRONTIER will expand their offering by selling SO REAL's 3D/4D objects and digital twins of products relevant to the fashion industry, such as trim, as part of their materials platform.

"We could not design a more perfect partner to help bring 3D to the world of fashion" said Ian Ravenshaw Bland, SO REAL's CEO and co-founder. "In my eyes, Frontier.cool is a perfect complement to SO REAL. With their 2D scanning of textiles and our 3D and 4D scanning of components, we can provide a suite of services for a full end-to-end solution. It’s a perfect match."


                                                    SO REAL's digital twin master file can be broken down into four tiers. each with its specific properties.

"The partnership with SO REAL truly opens the gates and enables an efficient flow between digital textiles and the real-world fashion industry", said Victor Chao, CEO of Frontier.cool."Frontier provides an easy way to help the textile industry build up its digital assets with complete data. Combined with the Full Digital Twin solution from SO REAL, we can efficiently amalgamate the process from design and production to selling to bring our Digital Textile Universe to the fashion industry."


                                                                           Frontier's 3D creator can convert the 2D fabric swatch image to 3D digital material.

The world of fashion is undergoing a major transformation, and there are few companies better positioned to lead the charge than SO REAL and Frontier.cool. Combining both solutions to offer a unique 3D scanning service, that produces highest fidelity digital twins for the fashion industry. Fueling this transformation and helping build the metaverse, SO REAL is scaling its digital twin offerings on its Twinverse eCommerce platform. The strategic partnership with Frontier.cool marks the latest step in SO REAL's mission to empower companies through innovation, drive forward digitalization, and reduce waste on a global scale.


Using its unique, CT-based scanning and conversion technology, SO REAL automates the production of future-proof digital twins of real-life objects. By mass-producing photorealistic, game-engine-ready 3D and 4D objects, SO REAL enables global access to immersive experiences thus accelerating the journey to global understanding. Founded in 2019 in Switzerland, the company leverages cross-industry innovation to help customers in all its verticals thrive. For more information, please visit soreal.ch


About Frontier.cool

Frontier is a new kind of digital textile collaboration solution that leverages machine learning to build the world’s most powerful textile and fabric image exchange for the apparel and fashion industries. our solution can be integrated into existing PLM, ERP, and 3D design software. For more information and to set up a demo, please visit www.frontier.cool.