Digital Product Creation Report 2022 - The Interline

DPC report captures Digital Product Creation in fashion at an inflection point. It includes technology and service provider profiles shaping the fashion’s industry future!

We are thrilled to be featured in The Interline's Digital Product Creation Report which includes the Top 20 technology and service providers shaping the fashion industry's future!
The future of digital product creation is bright because we are witnessing the whole ecosystem grow bigger, stronger, and more complete. However, brands and suppliers must cooperate to reach the ultimate goal of digitization and shared value through productivity improvements. All key players must be aligned - the brands are striving for this, but the entire industry needs to upgrade as one unit for digital fashion to succeed.’s CEO Chunpu Chao (Victor) shared how’s proprietary AI and machine learning technology is helping the industry solve digitization, scalability, speed, and universal usability challenges. Subsequently, it’s revolutionizing the supply chain and digitization workflows! 

Feel free to download the DPC report and see more insights from our CEO:

*'s pages 124-132*

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