• Triad International – Digital Fabric Creation Workflows Improved by 33% with Frontier's Solution
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Triad International – Digital Fabric Creation Workflows Improved by 33% with Frontier's Solution

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Triad International, as a leading global supplier for worldwide apparel brands, is constantly bringing its advantages of integrated vertical operations, such as textile manufacturing, marketing, fabric innovation and trading, to blend the new fashion trends into cutting-edge textile merchandise.

Challenges: Acceleration of Sampling and Sourcing Process

In the traditional textile supply chain and business practices, the process of developing new cloth samples usually takes a lot of manpower and time to find suitable samples from piles of sample collections, and then send them to brands and designers around the world. When overseas designers receive the physical samples, it often takes another several weeks to review samples following the tedious process of confirming their quality, color and proto samples afterwards.

Even the digitalization of the above process is known as the emerging trends to simplify the long procedures to reduce sampling cost, vendors purchase the scanning equipment “light box” for capturing multiple images from different angles to come up with the texture maps, usually taking a lot of time and money. The time-consuming tasks of scanning samples and following complex approval processes still give the suppliers a troublesome matter.

 “We see the market changes are accelerating, especially when brand customers and consumers have already started digital transformation. The textile industry needs to introduce a digital tool in time to cope with the rapidly changing world, especially in the post-pandemic era,” Triad’s General Manager Charlie Lin stated. 

Frontier’s SaaS Solution as Key to Digital Process Transformation

Thus, in 2020, Triad started to work with Frontier, which provides the world’s largest cloud collaboration platform for textile companies, and created a new chapter in digital textiles for fashion design. With the use of Amazon Web Service cloud computing platform (AWS) and proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Frontier built up a unique user generated online fabric library.

The Smart Upload function of Frontier SaaS solution, enables Triad’s staff to scan all fabric swatches labeled with specification by using a multi-function printer/peripheral. It simplifies the process of digitizing 2D fabric swatches and streamlines scanning and uploading workflow. Just in 3 minutes, all digitized fabric specifications, material metadata, and physical properties with high-resolution images can be directly uploaded to the fabric library on the Frontier platform and shared with global brands and designers.

Enhances Operation Efficiency by up to 50% 

Triad’s successful digital workflow reduces the use of physical samples to the necessary level. The efficiency of creating digital fabric improves by 33% for Triad. The digital workflow also enhances the seamless communication and coordination between the factory in China and the headquarters in Taiwan. In the past, the sourcing team in China had to ship the samples to Taiwan back and forth for confirmation, which consumes a lot of time and expenses on the sourcing process. Now, digitization shortens the workflow, reduces communication gap and creates up to 15 times of synergies due to the seamless cross-region team collaboration.

Frontier’s powerful fabric search engine also helps to shorten the time of sourcing and development. Users can easily search for the fabric by entering the specifications of cloth type, pattern, Pantone color number, fabric images, etc. Or users can just use the “Similar Search” by uploading images via any computers, mobile phones and tablets, which improves the accurate search and can be shared with global clients immediately. This change of the sourcing process dramatically enhanced the efficiency of sourcing by 50% for Triad.

A Convenient and Fast Way to Develop Worldwide Business in Post-Pandemic Era

“Frontier fabric cloud database set-up process is simple and standardized. The user interface is quite friendly even for a novice. Besides, from a customer’s point of view, Frontier’s platform can precisely visualize the fabric texture and specifications in detail, which greatly reduces the cost of communication,” Charlie Lin said, “That is awesome to have this digital platform for online exhibition and to be able to keep promoting our business, even during the raging period of the COVID-19 pandemic .”

Triad takes advantage of Frontier's convenient digital platform as a digital fabric gallery, that they can use both for online exhibitions and to reach potential customers.

For example, Triad joined its first online exhibition Texworld New York City in January 2021. Due to the limitation of photo size and the maximum number of uploaded products required by the online exhibition, it was difficult to show the fabric details with the level of precision they wanted. Triad solved this by embedding Frontier’s link in the fabric introduction, and seamlessly leading customers to browse the fabric cloud database. Triad's high-quality digital fabrics could be presented to the visitors in a sorted, organized and clear manner.

“Frontier provides a model that has never existed before to strengthen Triad’s sales force and market development capabilities,” Charlie Lin said approvingly, “Frontier’s platform definitely is a value-added solution for textile vendors to move on to a new era of digitalization.” 

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