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Digitization at Scale with Powerful AI Technology

With Frontier, material digitization tasks can now be carried out and scaled without the usual costly challenges. With the support of AI and machine learning, we can dramatically reduce the cost of ownership while helping our clients to scale like never before with consistent, accurate results every time.

Our unique process allows users to scan and upload materials in as little as 30 seconds — using a standard home or office scanner. Then, within 3-5 minutes, Frontier delivers high fidelity U3M downloadable 3D and 4D-ready files.

Gone are the days of needing to buy expensive hardware, software licensing, or outsourcing to a third party. What's more, there's no extensive training involved either. Instead, Frontier opens up a level playing field for the democratization of digitalization.

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Co-work, Co-Design, and Co-Manufacture — With Cloud-Based Collaboration

Frontier facilitates the rapid digitization and generation of 4D-ready fabrics for brands, retailers, designers, suppliers, and technology partners in the fashion industry.

The powerful Frontier platform — including the Smart Material Creator and the integrated 3D Viewer — can be plugged into other platform-ecosystems via Frontier's open API toolkit. 

Frontier has a vast bank of ready-to-use 3D and 4D-ready smart materials that can interoperate with textile and fashion platform-ecosystems. Frontier helps brands and suppliers collaborate efficiently and effectively to supercharge their 3D and 4D workflows.

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More Than Just a Platform

Frontier offers a painless shift to a digital workflow with a short learning curve through its easy-to-use platform for digitization, hands-on integration, training, mentoring, and coaching services.

Frontier supports its users entering the digital product creation world and provides new leapfrog technologies that are helping the entire value chain enter the fashion metaverse at scale and speed — offline to online, coast-to-coast.

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